worker holds up landscape plant grown on BioHaven floating island
Landscape plants grown in a BioHaven Floating Island

Generating Value
from Wastewater

WaterRR is innovating in the wastewater cleanup sector, building on the successful use of BioHaven® Floating Islands to treat wastewater lagoons.

Our innovative technology uses biomimicry to restore the most vital resource on our planet – clean water.

We generate both economic and social value from wastewater lagoons as our system cleans the water. BioHavens harness the fertilizer value of wastewater to grow valuable landscape plants and trees or forage fish.

Without changing their infrastructure, we help communities improve water quality and stay in compliance with new, more rigid environmental standards, saving them an expensive upgrade or hefty fines.

As a critical side benefit, BioHaven floating islands also prevent the most potent of greenhouse gases that often emit from polluted water.

Through Resource Recovery, we create benefits for the community, their people and the environment.


Investment Opportunity


Our peer-reviewed, proven technology is backed by white papers and case studies.


Using our modeling expertise, we consult with you to determine the best options for your project needs.


All our products are manufactured in the US, by a team with over 15 years' experience with BioHavens.


WaterRR and our vast networks of local stewards offer several levels of installation support and ongoing management.

About us

We are Water RR, Inc.

Water Resource Recovery (WRR)

WaterRR, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Floating Island International, Inc. We use the world’s leading floating treatment wetlands technology, the BioHaven floating island, to cycle the valuable nutrients from wastewater into products that have commercial value. This is known as Water Resource Recovery (WRR).

More than 25 wastewater treatment applications across the world

A dozen independent peer-reviewed studies on BioHavens published in scientific journals

On-the-ground plant stewards to provide turnkey management

Advisory team of preeminent biofilm engineers, phytoremediation experts and business consultants


chain of installed floating islands
Islands can be configured however the client wishes
fathead minnows grown as forage fish
Fathead minnows are grown as forage fish and help with Phosphorous uptake
diagram of how BioHavens utilize biofilm to clean water
Biofilm growing in the BioHaven matrix and plant roots clean water using nature's "wetland effect."
early model of BioHaven - in Billings Montana
An early-generation BioHaven wastewater system at work, Rehberg Ranch Subdivision, Billings, MT.

About BioHavens

Fixing the World's Water

BioHavens use nature’s inherent processes to enable beneficial microbes to do their job more efficiently and faster than ever. These islands develop a layer of microbes called biofilm that break down waste and other harmful nutrients.

Floating Island matrix is manufactured from inert recycled PET water bottles

ROI of 10 years through sale of harvestable landscape trees

Built to last: design life of 60 years or more

Removes all major regulated constituents (phosphorous, ammonia, nitrate and carbon)

Nutrient removal modeling based on actual BioHaven project data

Can integrate solar to improve cold-weather treatment, especially of ammonia

white Water RR logo

A Montana Project

As compared to a control lagoon

  • Ammonia: 24% improvement (27% winter)
  • Total Nitrogen: 20% improvement (20% winter)
  • Phosphorous: 5% improvement (26% winter)



Make money from your existing lagoon


Use solar heat to improve winter performance

established floating islands in New Zealand
One of many BioHaven wastewater systems at work in New Zealand.
established floating islands in Takaka, New Zealand
BioHaven WW system in Takaka, New Zealand

About WRR

Water Resource Recovery System

WaterRR is creating a paradigm shift in small-town sewage treatment with BioHaven Water Resource Recovery.

All across the U.S., thousands of municipalities, agricultural operations, and industrial facilities are utilizing wastewater lagoons to treat their sewage. These lagoons are less effective than the mechanical systems used in larger cities, especially at removing excess nutrients that pollute water. These lagoons can send nutrient-rich water downstream, which leads to harmful algae blooms.

The water in poorly performing lagoons can generate methane and nitrous oxide, which are potent greenhouse gases. Communities whose sewage is treated in lagoons create up to five times more greenhouse gas per capita than the rest of the country.

WaterRR's BioHaven Water Resource Recovery system solves both these problems. Our system farms nutrients out of wastewater and cycles them into valuable landscape plants and trees – generating revenue while delivering clean wastewater effluent. And it prevents greenhouse gases from being generated in the first place by eliminating the conditions that produce them.




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Over 8000

Islands installed worldwide cleaning water today

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Questions? We would love the opportunity to help you decide which system is best for you.

Landscape plants and trees are one of the many vectors possible to develop a revenue stream from our floating islands.

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BioHavens can generate revenue from wastewater